Patricia, Yoga Instructor

Yoga with Patricia, Wednesdays & Thursdays at 1pm: Classes are open to all levels. Great for those who just start their adventure with yoga, as well as for those who wish to deepen their practice and learn how to safely get into advance poses. Great for people dealing with old and newer injuries connected with sports or lifestyle habits. The focus is put on the quality of movement, anatomy and therapy of yoga. Pace is slower, which enables practitioners to  get deeper into poses and achieve deeper level of stretch , strength and level of practice.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shell not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” -Buddha

My classes are all yoga levels friendly and filled with positive energy. Beginners and sports enthusiasts are welcome!

My adventure with yoga began 7 years ago in Poland where I come from: My teachers from the very beginning ignited in me the passion for yoga and the conviction that EVERYBODY can benefit from it on physical and emotional level.

MY TEACHING: My classes are a combination of my 7 years experience on the mat, knowledge I received and been receiving from inspiring teachers through training and workshops, and experience I’ve been gaining through working with variety of students.

Yoga is used by many professional athletes to increase flexibility, balance and improve body awareness.
In my teaching I focus on precision of body alignment, trying to help students get the most from each pose with respect to individual possibilities. My goal is to show people that yoga is something much more than a set of less or more complicated poses. Yoga helps us to be more attentive to our bodies’ everyday needs, teaches us to listen and respond in an accurate way to what’s going on, on physical and emotional level.

My classes focus on hatha yoga, students are held longer in the pose, which helps to stretch and strengthen muscles effectively and safely.

I help students deal with injuries and pay special attention to low back health, According to National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, lower back pain is the second most common pains after headache in the United States.

MY EDUCATION: I’ve been fortunate to practice with very knowledgeable and dedicated teachers, who still serve as a great inspiration to me. After moving to New Orleans 2 years ago I continued my Ashtanga Mysore practice with Melanie Fewer one of the few female teachers in the world certified by Pattabhi Jois founder of Ashtanga Yoga. Later on I’ve continued my practice in Wild Lotus Yoga Studio. I’ve graduated from 200 hours Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Program “Soul School “ facilitated by Sean Johnson from Wild Lotus Yoga and Mitchel Bleier Master Anusara Teacher and Yoga Therapist known in yoga industry as international “teacher of teachers”. I also graduated from Yoga Therapeutic Training led by Mitchel Bleier to further develop my deep interest in biomechanics of human body. I regularly deepen my knowledge of yoga and develop teaching skills by taking part in workshops organized by renowned teachers : Rolf Gates, Dana Flynn from Laughing Lotus New York and San Francisco, Kelly Kamm from Happy Buddha Yoga New York, to name a few.