Michael, Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer, Certified Joint Replacement Fitness Specialist with the Medical Fitness Network

Diet and lack of exercise account for more than 400,000 deaths annually. Recent studies have shown that only 30 percent of the population exercises regularly; however, another 30 percent state they would like to exercise. Exercise has been shown to improve medical outcomes in chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and coronary artery disease. However, few individuals know how to begin a safe, effective exercise program. I can help. I am currently working to be certified as a Post Rehab Exercise Specialist.


What Client's Say

Excellent Trainer For Old Injuries, Joint Pain, and Pre and Post Hip and Knee Replacement Rehab

When I first joined Downtown Fitness at the Healing Center location I was just looking to get in better physical condition, but after discussing some old unresolved shoulder issues and my arthritic hip Mike came up with a complete body workout for me, tailor made to slowly but effectively tremendously improve my overall fitness and shoulder and hip movement. I've got nothing but high praise for this excellent trainer.
Downtown Fitness Center Member
Knee Replacement Pre and Post Rehab

I'm 66 years old and truly grateful. I had my final appointment with my doctor October 27th, after having had a complete knee replacement on July 11 of this year 2023. My doctor, three months prior to my surgery, had suggested that I start riding the bike and exercising my leg. I was in physical therapy at the healing center and upstairs there was Downtown fitness the gym and I thought it would be a good idea to join since I don't have a bike. This is where I first met Mike, who instantly gave me hope that I could get strong enough for the surgery with his guidance. So for three months we met twice a week, did strength training and progress was made.

I had a very successful surgery two days after my surgery. I had a physical therapy appointment, and the Physical Therapist had no words ..." I have never seen a leg that straight two days after a complete knee replacement surgery!" Yes I did the right thing following my Doctors suggestion and I give all thanks and praise to Michael my trainer who has helped me successfully follow through on making a major surgery and a tough recovery not as tough as it could have been.Thank you Michael
Downtown Fitness Center Member